Welcome to Our New Site

Welcome to the brand new website of Croft Trials Club! We have created this site to keep our members updated on all our recent news and upcoming events and to allow people interested in joining our club or trying out the sport a place to find all the relevant information they may need.

At the minute our site is a constant work of progress as we work hard to fill it with great content, upcoming events and lots of photos (look out for the ones of our members falling off their bikes – they usually bring a chuckle!), so keep checking back regularly over the next few weeks.

You’ll be able to find information about our membership on here too, along with our club rules and guidelines for partaking in the sport. If you’ve got any questions or queries then you can pop on over to our Contact page and send us a direct message – we will reply to you as quickly as possible.

If you have anything you think would make a great post for our blog, then please get in touch with us! We are keen to share the stories, experiences and photos of those involved with the sport, so don’t be shy, let us make a great article based around you.